When dealing with the heart of the chiller, our precision, thoroughness, technical knowledge and speed of response are put to the test every day. Therefore we depend on the technical know- how of a team of people who spent most of their working lives in the compressor field. Their experience helps to makes us the first choice for customers who demand quality and value from a Remanufactured, Rebuilt or overhauled Compressor.

Compressor Engineering Solutions

  • Remanufactured / Rebuilt Compressor
  • Compressor Overhauling
  • Rewinding

At REXCOMP, we follow a unique quality control procedure. Each compressor is dealt with as an individual project. Every stage of the process is detailed and logged.

We take pride in our work and confidently supply every remanufactured compressor with a 12-month warranty. An extended warranty can also be arranged (at no additional cost) for compressors that are held as ‘standby’.

We can supply a replacement compressor off the shelf often within hours.  In the event of the compressor you require not being in stock we can overhaul and return yours within days.

If you need assistance with selecting which compressor is best suited for your application, please refer to our selection matrix or contact us.